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Every child is potentially the light of the world.

After School Program

Every child is endowed with certain hidden talents which only education and training can reveal. The Kids’ Talent Club is an additional after school programme offered by Blossoms to provide children the opportunity to develop their talents.Itisopen to the wider community beyond Blossoms students. Each class is taught in a fun filled environment by professionals in their field skilled at bringing out the talents in young kids.

The Kids’ Talent Club meets every evening after the School hours. The following classes are currently on offer:

Classical Dance

The Odissi dance classes are source of inspiration for the children to appreciate the culture and heritage of Odisha.

Music & Singing

(a) Vocal Classes-enables the children to get a well-trained and melodious tone.

(b) Instrumental-children learn how to play the musical instruments such as harmonium, key-board, tabla, etc.

Drawing and Painting

With the able guidance and instruction of an artist, the Kids' Talent Club produces future artists who hold their talents in their fingers and brush up their creativity.

Communication skills& Language development

It is very important that the children communicate clearly and fluently. The communication skill classes will enable the children to have a command over English and be able to communicate and converse as and when demanded.

Modern Dance classes

Enable the talented children to move and shake as per the current themes based on social issues, ethics and other prevailingmodes.

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