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Every child is potentially the light of the world.

Digital Classrooms

The students learn through several age related teaching aids used by the teachers in each and every class/session related to the subject. Among them the most favourite of all the students as well as the teachers is the Digital Smart Class. This technique of teaching-learning through Digital Classroom makes learning not only fun but also quick and constant. The white board interactive facilitates teaching procedure makes it possible to move from one instance of subject to the other. The lessons are provided according to the syllabus of respective class or grade. Every subject is inclusive in this program. The time schedule of the classes at Blossoms is designed in such a way that all the classes are benefitted from Digital Smart class interactive sessions every day. All the teachers at Blossoms are trained to conduct classes through Digital program. The program which is stored in the server is getting updated with new up comings in the Syllabus (CBSE). Every now and then training and refreshing programs are organized by the team of experts of TATA CLASS EDGE Smart Class to update the teachers with recent additional programs included in the syllabus.