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Educational Field Trips

Taking students to on field trips is an important approach to help students draw connections between the lessons they learn in the classroom and how those lessons apply in the outside world. In the past our students have visited the zoo, botanical gardens, museums, monuments, temples, an amusement park, the hospital, airport, railway station, post office, and no on.

As the number of the parks and places of interest increases, the field trips also change their features and dimensions. The beautiful park are being visited by the students every year where they get a chance to play while their mothers and other family members also join them. The excitement of being out along with the peer group adds to the utility of the field trip. Trekking, visits to the historical places of the city and the shopping centers are always welcomed by one and all. The students present reports and share their experience after the visit is completed. These field trips bring about a rich fund of general and specialized knowledge for the students which may not be found in any text book


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