Blossoms environment is child friendly and safe for the students. The infrastructure is designed in a way that the students will not only feel comfortable but also enjoy a clean, hygienic and safe surrounding. The campus is with CCTV surveillance which is being checked and monitored by the School Principal personally.

The elaborate and spacious library, the modern composite science laboratory, the computer lab with internet facilities, Maths lab, English language lab , Digital classrooms with TATA CLASSEDGE learning digital solution, well equipped play ground, sports facilities, adequate no.of clean and hygienic wash rooms, are well situated and placed in constructed area of the building as well as the play area.

The fire safety, water safety and sanitation are being regularly maintained and approved by the respective state government departments.

Advanced Technology

Digital Classrooms

The students learn through several age related teaching aids used by the teachers in each and every class/session related to the subject. Among them the most favourite of all the students as well as the teachers is the Digital Smart Class. This technique of teaching-learning through Digital Classroom makes learning not only fun but also quick and constant. The white board interactive facilitates teaching procedure makes it possible to move from one instance of subject to the other. The lessons are provided according to the syllabus of respective class or grade. Every subject is inclusive in this program.

The time schedule of the classes at Blossoms is designed in such a way that all the classes are benefitted from Digital Smart class interactive sessions every day. All the teachers at Blossoms are trained to conduct classes through Digital program. The program which is stored in the server is getting updated with new up comings in the Syllabus (CBSE). Every now and then training and refreshing programs are organized by the team of experts of TATA CLASS EDGE Smart Class to update the teachers with recent additional programs included in the syllabus.


Bus Facility

Transportation and bus facilities are available both for preprimary as well as higher classes. The students may avail bus facility after filling up an application form for the same purpose. The request for bus facility would be put into action after the approval of the Principal.

An amount is fixed for the registration of bus facility which has to be paid by the pupils in the beginning of every session as and when applied for the same. Monthly bus fees is decided according to the distance of the location where the student comes from.

Bus facility is provided on the basis of first applied, first availed.

Blossoms School Transport Facility
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Blossoms School Library
Blossoms School Library
Blossoms School Library
Blossoms School Library



Access to knowledge is central to an individual's ability to develop their capacity and contribute to society. Reference and book lending facilities are available to all Blossoms School students. Our growing library includes encyclopedias, fiction and books on science. Parents of our students are also welcome to make use of the library.

Blossoms School library provides a Center for learning and expansion of knowledge. The collection of over 35000 books in English, Hindi & Odia, as well as over 550 reference books proves to the very resourceful for the students, teachers, and parents.

The internet facility being available at the library makes reach and investigation a never ending process in learning. The updated articles, magazines, and newspapers. Keeps the students well informed of the current affairs.



The composite science lab facilitates the practical science experiments. Science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, etc become more interesting when the practical demonstration is done. Students of classes VIII to X visit the laboratory regularly and are being guided by the Science Teachers and Lab assistants.


Activity Room

Activity room is designed for the students to learn and perform the practical skills such as singing, dancing, craft making, vocational training etc.

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